Store Hours

  • 7am- 10pm EVERYDAY
  • Last wash at 9pm

Coin Operated

  • You'll never be stuck with unusable money on a card- we'll even buy back any coins that you don't use
  • All of our front-load washers only accept $1 coins for your convenience... this means 1/4 the number of coins required to start them vs quarter-operated equipment. Please see the friendly attendant in the blue shirt for assistance with this

Credit/Debit Cards Accepted

  • You are able to start our washers using your magnetic swipe or RFID contactless credit cards or NFC mobile wallets including Apple Pay and Google Wallet
  • We offer multiple, convenient payment options to make your laundry day simple

Washing Customers Enjoy

  • FREE drying- EVERYDAY
  • FREE soap- EVERYDAY 

49 Efficient Washers

 1- 100lb (Big Bertha), 4- 90lb, 8- 60lb, 14 - 30lb, 6- 25lb, 6- 20lb, 10- 10lb top-loaders


48 Hot Dryers

2- 75lb, 10- 45lb, 36- 30lb


Wash, Dry, Fold Service

  • Short on time? Use our convenient wash, dry and fold service. At $1.50/lb, minimum 10 lbs, this is a fantastic way to finish your laundry
  • Same day service guaranteed when dropped off by 11am
  • Pay with cash or with credit/debit card


Sales Items

Many available in both single use and larger sizes

  • Soaps
  • Bleaches
  • Fabric softener- liquids  and sheets
  • Laundry bags


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